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Luis & Mary Ann Rosa's Bio

Some of Many Performances

Stepping Out Dance Studio, NYC, 1997                     
Wild Palm Nightclub, Bronx, NY, 1997
Hustle USA,  2001
Stepping Out Dance Studio, NYC, 2002
Dance Sport Dance Studio, NYC, 2003
Central Park, NY 2003
Club Etolie, NY 2003
IBBG NIghtclub, Long Island, NY 2003
New Years Eve, Winners Circle,  2003
Pacific Hustle & Salsa Compettion, California,  2003
Mambo Unico Dance Studio, Queens, NY,  2003
Baybridge, Queens, NY 2003
Ballroom on Fifth Dance Studio, NY, 2003
Carnival Cruise Line, 2003, 2005, 2006
Mambo Unico Dance Studio, Queens, NY,  May 2004
Stonybrook University, Long Island, May 2004
Bronx Week Festival, July 2004, July 2005
Dance Explosion with Tavares, Atlantic City, The Sands, 2004
City Cafe, August 2004
Asbury Park, Disco Explosion August 2004
Club Spirit, Manhattan, NY, Hall of Fame Music Awards, 2004
Performance for Hollywood DJs, January 2005, July 2005, 2008
Invited to Press Conference and Performance at Spirit for New York's Disco Exhibition, January 31, 2005
IBBG, Long Island, 2005, 2006
World Hustle Dance Championships, 2005
Club Cache, Pre Opening Party for NY Salsa Congress, 2005
Hustle Congress, 2005
Charisma Ballroom, Queens, NY, August, 2005
Starlight Dance Studio, Nutley, NJ, September, 2005
Muriels, 2005
Boston Salsa Congress, 2006
Poconos Resort, Oct 2006, Feb 2007
Baybridge, Oct  2006, 2007
IBBG, Oct 2006, Jan & April 2007
Puerto Rico Hustle and Salsa Festival, Nov 2006, Oct 2007, Oct 2008, Oct 2009
Miami International Hustle and Salsa Competitions 2007
Louis Del Prete Dance Events 2006, 2007, 2010
VIP Party Productions Dec 2006
Mark James Dance Events 2007                                               

Richmond, Virgina 2007
Roberto Pagan's Dance Studio 2007
Stepping Out Dance Studio May 2007, 2011
IHSC May 2007
Lehman College, Bronx, NY, 2007
New York Dance Parade & Pre Parties May 2007, May 2008, 2009, 2011
American Cancer Society June 2007
Zachary's Nightclub, NY 2008
Rivera's Nightclub, NY, 2008
Dance Sport Dance Studio, NY,  2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Bet You Can Dance, Dance Studio 2011

Lehman Center for the Performing Arts Inc.; SATURDAY NIGHT DISCO FEVER; VALENTINES CONCERT  Feb 2010

Punta Cana, DR, June 2010, Oct 2012

Classic Disco Reunion July, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016

Puerto Rico Latin Hustle Dance Competition Oct, 2010, 2011

Pathchogue Theater for Performing Arts, Nov 2010

Some of Many Competitions

World Open Hustle, 2nd Place, 2002
International Hustle & Salsa Competition, 3rd Place, Theater Arts, 2002
World Open Hustle, 3rd Place, 2003
Atlantic City Sands Hotel & Casino, First Place, 2004
World Open Hustle, 4th Place, 2004
World Hustle Dance Championships 2004, First Place, Professional Just Hustle
Zacharys , 3rd Place, February 2005
World Hustle Dance Championships 2005, 3rd place Professional Just Hustle
Hustle Congress Sept 2005, 2nd Place Theater Arts
First Place Semifinals, Finals Third Place, Zacharys, June 2006
Disco America, 2nd Place, Theater Arts, July 2007

Hustle Congress, 2nd Place Theater Arts, Sept 2008

House Dance International, First Place, 2009 

Zacharys / Sambuca 2010 Finalist; unable to make finals 

NY Salsa Congress, 2nd place Professional Hustle, 2010

Some of Many Teaching Engagements

Private & Group Lessons
Wild Palm 1997
Pacific Hustle & Salsa Competition 2003
Royal Carribean Cruise Line, 2004
Carnival Cruise Line, 2003
Mambo Unico 2003, 2004
Baybridge 2003, 2004
World Hustle Dance Championships 2005
Boston Salsa Congress 2006
IBBG 2006, 2007
Teaching Children, Started teen dance team 2006, 2007
Pocoonos Resort, Oct 2006, Feb 2007
IHSC May 2007
Disco America July 2007
Rhythms & Soul Dance Studio 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
Starlite Dance Studio, Bronx, NY, 2006, 2007, 2008
Miami International Hustle and Salsa Compeition 2007
Puerto Rico Hustle & Salsa Festival Nov 2006, Oct 2007, Oct 2008, Oct 2009
Dance Sport, NY, Guest Artist Instructors 2009; Choreography for Student Team
Puerto Rico Latin Hustle Competition 2010, 2011
Disco America 2011

TV & Film & Publications

70s show taping for Disco Explosion at Asbury Park, August 2004
CBS Taping for New York Disco Exhibition, January 31, 2005. 

Appeared on Sunday Morning News, CBS, on March 6, 2005
Appeared  in the Asbury Paper in August, 2004
Appeared  in  the New York Sun, February 1, 2005
Appeared in the Christina Show, televised, May 15, 2006

First Place Hustle Contest, Regis Nightclub, Brooklyn, NY, early 1980s
First Place Hustle Contest, Fantasy Island, Brooklyn, NY,  early 1980s
First Place, Puerto Rico, Latin Dance Contest, 1986 
First Place, Papagallas Hustle Contest, Queens, NY, 1987
First Place, Pastels Hustle Contest, Brooklyn, NY, 1988
First Place, The Savoy Hustle Contest, Long Island, NY, early 1990s
First Place Hustle Contest, Club 231, Long Island, NY, 1990s
First Place, Royal Carribean Dance Contest, 1990s
Third Place, Dance Manhattan,  Jack & Jill Hustle, mid 1990s
First Place, Fifty Fighter's Club Jack & Jill Hustle, Long Island,  1990s
First Place, 231 Dance Contest, 1990s
Zachary's Semifinalist, Long Island, NY, 1996
First Place, Long Shore Brewery Hustle Contest, Long Island, 1996
Second Place, World Hustle Professional Jack & Jill,  Florida, 1999
First Place, Gazebo Hustle Contest, Brooklyn, NY, 1999
Second Place, World Hustle Professional Just Hustle,Las Vegas, 2001

Club Tatou, 1996
Zachary's, 1996 - Opening Act for:
   Judy Torres,
   Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes,
   George Lamand,
   The Tramps, and
Charisma Ballroom in Queens, 1996
Performed and Taught with VIP Party Productions for 14 years in many places throughout the United States including such places as:
  North Shore Towers
  Douglaston Manor
  Maxim's Nightclub, Manhattan
  World Yacht
  Cafe on the Green
  Tavern on the Green
  The Water Club

Cowboy Way, 1994 - Extra
Summer of Sam, 1996 - Feature Dancer
Diega, 1997 - Feature Dancer
Dancer for Latin Commercial, 1997

First Place, Lincoln Center's Midsuimmer Night Swing Disco Contest, NY, 1997
First Place, Salsa at Shaboom's, San Jose, CA, 1997
Third Place, Just Hustle, Hustle USA, NY, 1997 & 1996
Third Place, Showcase Hustle, Rising Star Disco Weekend, Fullertron, CA, 1998
Third Place, Showcase Hustle, Fresno Dance Classic, Fresno, CA, 1998
Fourth Place, Annual Professional Salsa at the Mayan, LA, CA. 1998
First Place, Salsa at Escuelta Nightclub, NY, 1998
Finalist, Professional Salsa at the Congo Room Universal City Walk, LA, CA, 1998
First Place, Professional Salsa at the Congo Room, San Francisco, CA, 1998
Third Place, Theater Arts Hustle, Hustle USA, NY, 1998
Second Place, Open Cabaret, Hustle USA, NY, 1998
First Place, Nightclub Salsa, Hustle USA, NY, 1998
Second Place, Professional Salsa at Albero's NIghtclub, Mountain View, CA, 1999
Finalist, Sportsman's Lodge Professional Salsa Contest, LA, CA, 1999
First Place, The Worlds Largest Mambo Contest, Bronx, NY, 1999
Third Place, IDO World Salsa Championship, MIami, Fla, 1999
First Place, Just Hustle, Second Place, Classic Hustle, Third Place, Theater Arts Hustle, IHSC, 2000
First Place, Albertos Pro Salsa Contest, Mountain View, Ca, 2000

Allegro Ballroom, Emeryville, CA, 1997
Corporate party for INtuit, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, 1997
Club Equis, NY, 1997
Tatou Nightclub, NY 1997 & 1998
Oakland Raiders half-time show, Oakland Stadium, Oakland, CA, 1997
Carijama / Carnaval, Oakland, CA, 1998
Girl Jocks Benefit, San Francisco, CA, 1998
Cinco de Mayo at Stars Restaurant, Honorable Willie Borown Mayor in attendance, San Francisco, CA, 1998
Second Annual World Salsa Congress, Puerto Rico, 1998
Latino Summer Fiesta, San Francisco, CA, 1998
Cinco de Mayo at Rocapulco Nightclub, SAn Francisco, CA, 1999
Midsummer NIght Swing, Lincoln Center with Carol Douglas, NY, 1999
Congresso Bacardi de la Salsa, Puerto Rico, 1999
El Jardin de la Salsa, Ecuador, 1999
Hollywood Salsa & Latin Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, LA, CA, 1999
West Coast World Salsa Congress, Hollywood Park Casino, Ingelwood, CA, 2000
East Coast Salsa Congress, NY, 2001

Music Video featuring La India, Runaway Love, Nuyorican Records, 1997
Sabado Gigante, live TV, Dance Contest Winner
Center Stage, Extra, 1999
A Todo Dar, live TV (variety), Ecuador, 1999
Alo, Que Tal America, live TV (variety), Ecuador, 1999